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Though most mainstream media in India carries information about the latest gadgets which have been developed and there is a lot of hype over the paperless world , due to the lack of accountability, transparency, high levels of corruption, nepotism, in the indian tech sector, stationery and keeping paper records will be highly prevalent in India for at least a few decades. Few realize that working online can be extremely damaging to the health and finances of an individual in India as powerful anonymous officials are free to steal and waste the hard earned money of a single woman engineer on whoever they feel like without being punished or even questioned . Additionally in the indian tech sector, a hardworking person will do the work and a well connected lazy cheater greedy good looking fraud whose powerful dishonest relatives and friends specialize in defaming hardworking exporters, instead of being punished for cheating, will get all the credit for the work of her victim, and get appointed to a very important government job in the indian internet sector as reward for section 420 cheating of harmless innocent single woman engineer Taking into account the harsh reality in India today, the website has reviews of the stationery including ball point pen, writing pad, notebook, available in India today
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