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Ball point pen models available in India The writing experience will vary significantly depending on the ball point model used. As these are often misplaced or lost, it will advisable to use the cheapest ball point pen available, usually priced at Rs 5. There are cheaper models available priced at Rs 3 and Rs 2 but the quality of these pens will often not be very good. A few decades ago, ball point refills were available, now many stationery shops do not stock these refills, people prefer to purchase new ball point pens after the refill has been exhausted.
there are some unbranded ball point pens which offer an excellent writing experience, however, it will be difficult to trace the supplier, Some of the major brands and models of ball point pens available are
Pentek Stylo
Linc Twinn (a combination of a pen and pencil)
The cello speed and pentek stylo are of nearly the same size and design and offer an excellent writing experience
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