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The calendar year 2014 was the first year since 1999 when this webmaster, online exporter and small business owner did not spend any money on a mobile, laptop or desktop as a protest against the human rights abuses, corruption, nepotism, lack of transparency in the indian internet sector,
Why do the powerful friends and relatives of some mediocre lazy women, have the right to hack the laptop of a harmless innocent civilian due to their privileged access to expensive government equipment, and then make blatantly false claims that their lazy friend or relative has been doing all the work to get these lazy mediocre women great powers, privileges at the expense of the hardworking civilian, These powerful vicious greedy fraud men will simultaneously defame the webmaster as a lazy fool who does not know anything or do any work. For these powerful cowardly officials who get a salary for harassing a harmless person, sabotaging the computers wasting his time and money, using the wifi network only he has access to, while conveniently remaining anonymous, it will be a game, but few small business owners can afford to waste money on an asset which will be made unproductive.
If Rs 20000 has been spent on a computer which cannot be used because of the malicious hacking or human rights abuses by anonymous corrupt greedy dishonest officials, who cannot be held accountable for their corporate espionage, the business owner will prefer to keep the same amount in a bank or other financial instruments which will give approximately 10% return on investment without any effort on the part of the business owner. Government officials do not have to bother about their income and expenses, they will get their salary even if they do nothing or do personal work during office hours, especially in the indian internet sector. For small business owners, money does not grow on trees and they have to track the return on investment closely .
Additionally using the internet extensively can result in more problems as the business owner will be expected to play the second fiddle to the lazy mediocre friends and relatives of powerful officials, form a company with these cheaters, and also increase the risk that the computer will be hacked remotely. For example a ruthless greedy well connected cheater glamorous diploma holder siddhi from goa who commited corporate espionage on this webmaster instead of being punished for her crime has been rewarded with an important government job for her great fraud as her powerful dishonest friends and relatives have access to the wifi network and falsely claim that the lazy liar cheater siddhi has been doing all the work, when she actually does nothing.
In other case, powerful officials with access to the top secret wifi network, have been falsely claiming that their friends bsc sunaina, housewife nayanshree have been doing the work , as these officials are wasting indian tax payer money to hack the laptop of hardworking exporters, These women are not actually doing anything,however these officials get these women, their friends and relatives, great powers and privileges at the expense of the experienced webmaster who has got nothing
Due to the decreased demand for unreliable laptops, companies like sony have stopped selling laptops in india, and indian companies like hcl, wipro have stopped production.
The webmaster has been searching for a reliable desktop as the cowardly hypocrite powerful friends and relatives of the lazy fraud heroines of the indian internet sector are hacking every computer, wasting indian tax payer money, expensive equipment. Currently the best price available has been Rs 20000+ which remains expensive as the HP laptop purchased for Rs 22000 could not be used due to the corrupt officials misusing the wifi network for personal hatred,. Till a suitable desktop will be found, storing data/information on paper notebooks may be more economical,
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