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No activity on a laptop will remain confidential due to the hidden wifi network used to monitor all activity for impersonation purposes. There is no transparency, accountability only a select few officials have access to the wifi network, and an ordinary civilian cannot get find more information about the wifi network. These officials are free to use the network for personal gain, defame and exploit hardworking people and no measures are taken to stop the corruption and nepotism.
While it may be very advantageous for a lazy liar mediocre well connected person to get credit, powers and privileges for work she does not do, as reward for cheating,lies it is extremely unfair for the hardworking honest person who is actually doing all the work, but does not credit as she does not have powerful friends and relatives. There is no reason why the hardworking person should tolerate exploitation by the mediocre lazy good looking well connected person. Hence no confidential information should be stored on the laptop as the indian internet sector has some of most shameless lazy dishonest greedy cheaters and liars in india who have great powers
The well connected person has powerful friends and relatives who can hack the laptop of the hardworking honest expert, wasting indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment especially the wifi network, and make false claims that their lazy good looking friend or relative has been doing all the work. These powerful people very dishonestly and cunningly defame the hardworking expert as a lazy fool, so that their mediocre lazy liar friend or relative can take credit without doing anything, get appointed to a important permanent government job

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