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Initially due to the hype of the wealthy high profile IT companies, state governments all over india would announce and launch their free laptop/tablet schemes especially for students with great fanfare, however the efficacy of these schemes has been reviewed now to check if their desired goals are being attained.
Slowly the government in some cash strapped states of India are also realizing that the money spent on computers, tablets has been wasted to a very great extent due to the lack of suitable resources, training and lack of transparency. Many state governments were offering free or nearly free tablets/laptops to students to encourage computer usage. However, a review was carried out on how these computers/tablets were used and it was found that most people did not use it for educational purposes, due to lack of training or developing guidelines for utilizing the expensive electronic equipment. These tablets/notebooks given to students were often rented out to tourists for additional income on a daily or weekly basis, according to a newspaper report in goa. In the indian internet sector, experienced webmasters are subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses causing great pain, wasting indian tax payer money, despite being innocent making it extremely difficult for them to lead a normal life, meet or train any person due to the fake reference scam of powerful officials. These officials will allegedly falsely claim that the greedy young women who sleep with them, are experienced engineers to appoint these frauds to important government jobs .
Hence in some states, which have a budget deficit like goa, with a shortage of funds, and some government employees, like the forest department have not received their salaries for three months according to media reports, the government has reviewed the tablet for student scheme, and decided to reduce the money spent on these highly subsidized computing devices which are not being used as anticipated or hoped for. There is little local manufacturing of laptops, tablets in india hence these products are usually imported and customer support may not be good. The powerful officials are allegedly extremely greedy and selfish, as the call girls they have fraudulently appointed to important government jobs can waste tax payer money, yet will never become experienced overnight just by sleeping with sex starved fraud officials and help improve the IT literacy levels in the state

Hence the demand for stationery will remain in a large country like india, with an increasing population and literacy levels.For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to,,