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Stationery remains comparatively inexpensive compared to any computing device, and the retirement savings of an individual will not be stolen and wasted if they use stationery unlike computer and internet users in India.
In the indian internet sector, people will openly discriminate refusing to provide important information to certain domain investors out of hatred, jealousy or casteism. Then when the person who has been denied information uses the internet, powerful officials will steal and waste the retirment savings of twenty years of a single woman engineer, without her permission. The computer usage will also be used to track the person and commit human rights abuses, causing great pain, torture the person, which can cause health problems.
A scribbling pad will cost as little as Rs 5 while a computer will cost more than Rs 20000 and may not work for even three months. Not everyone can afford to have strangers waste their retirement savings or waste money on a electronic device which fails within a few months or suffer great pain daily . Hence stationery can be inexpensive for a small business owner.
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