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Notebook Currently all notebooks available are designed for school students and contain many unnecessary pages and features increasing their cost. Looking for a low cost supplier of notebooks of various sizes
Long book
Exercise book
Diaries, planner
Locally only the following brands are available for notebook stationery
Navneet has a major share of the stationery market, atleast in panaji, goa, with most of the local stationery shops only stocking navneet notebooks. However, there is some variation in the prices of these notebooks depending on the date of manufacture. ITC notebooks are cheaper yet there only a few retailers who stock these notebooks. Camlin notebook could be found only only one stationery shop after extensive research. Most of notebooks available are single line , through ITC has double line notebooks available.
Unfortunately all the stationery manufacturers do not consider the requirement of many small business owners and large companies who are increasingly switching from computers especially laptops to stationery for storing confidential information, planning in future. . As the laptop quality has worsened for almost all major brands and due to the high level of corruption, nepotism, lack of accountability in the indian tech sector , using paper notebooks has become cost effective for small business owners .
Unless corrective measures are not taken to stop corporate espionage,human rights abuses, pamper and reward those who indulge in it with very important government jobs in the tech sector, faking the experience of their victim ,stationery manufacturers could see a boom in the demand for notebook and other business stationery
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