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Poor quality computers particularly laptops are one of the main reasons why using stationery has become popular, Unlike 5 years ago, today laptoops available even of major brands like HP, Dell, Asus, Acer are of extremely poor quality, and malfunction after a few weeks or months. Each laptop will cost more than Rs 20,000 typically, and getting it repaired can be expensive, time consuming, which few business owners can afford.
Allegedly these laptops are intentionally hacked by powerful dishonest officials wasting extremely expensive government equipment, so that they can falsely claim their lazy mediocre friends and relatives do all the work, own the business, and harass the small business owner, especially online exporters, These officials can conveniently remain anonymous, falsely claiming to act out of national security, when only their personal interest are involved and cannot be held accountable.
For a small business owner,monitoring their expenses closely, the money and time spent on purchasing and repairing a non productive asset will be reviewed, especially when revenue has decreased, If the small business owner knows that he or she will be targetted by an extremely dishonest powerful corrupt cruel official who can waste infinite time and tax payer money to sabotage the business out of malice, jealousy, hatred and greed, they will prefer to spend their hard earned money on more productive investment,
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